I noticed that most of the Joomla developer has faced the issue that Joomla editor omits embed and object tag that we use to embed flash, video or YouTube. So whether it is JCK Editor, CK Editor, TinyMCE or else, none of these allows adding embed and object tags by default.

Then I found that different bloggers shares different view and tell different ways to add embed tag in Joomla editor, like by entering in Plugin settings and making some changes over there, but that actually do not found to be work.

Now here I got a best and 100% working solution to allow Joomla editors to add embed and object tag in it. This solution tested and works well in Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5.

The actual reason I found is that under the core Joomla file (libraries\joomla\filter\input.php) there are some black listed tags assigned to a variable “$tagBlacklist” and by removing those tags from the black list we can achieve the requirement.

1. Locate the file – \libraries\joomla\filter\input.php

2. Search for “$tagBlacklist” (provabily you will get this on line # 64)

3. Remove ‘object’ and ‘embed’ form the array

That’s all now editor will allow you to add these tags.

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  • marga

    Hi amit, thanks for sharing. I’ve been trying a few things but nothing seems to work. will try your thing – hopefully it will work! Will post again for feedback :)

  • Ian

    I tried this with 2.5, but nothing seemed to have happened the videos are still no show. They were fine in 1.5. Any ideas?

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexvicencio Alexis Vicencio

    Thanks so much!, works for me on J2.5 TinyEMC Editor 😀